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Tue Nov 9 10:15:33 CET 2004


libfs is a library for IRIX/SunOS/WinNT which lets you read SunOS big endian UFS filesystems on SunOS/WinNT an IRIX EFS filesystems (like the CD used for IRIX software installers) on IRIX/WinNT.


In order to use win[eu]fssh you should pass it the device name as argument.

Note: on WinNT, you will have to guess the number after "\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE" for your device.

On Windows XP it seems the device naming scheme is different, so, for instance, CD-ROM is \\?\Device\CDRom0 and it may need some specific block size instead of winefssh default one.

For instance, on a Windows XP Pro SP1 system with DVD drive I had to use:

dd if=\\?\Device\CDRom0 of=cd.efs bs=4096
winefssh -p7 cd.efs

where "dd" comes from http://uranus.it.swin.edu.au/~jn/linux/rawwrite/dd.htm

There you may find some tips for guessing the name of the device you are looking for.

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