Jitterbug Boy

Music & Lyrics: Tom Waits.
Well I'm a jitterbug boy
by the shoeshine
resting on my laurels
and my Hardy's too
life of Riley on the swing shift
gears follow my drift
once upon a time I was
in show biz too

I seen the Brooklyn Dodgers
playin at Ebbets Field
seen the Kentucky Derby too
it's fast women, slow horses
I'm reliable sources
and I'm holding up a lamp post
if you wanna know
I seen the Wabush Cannonball
buddy I've done it all

because I slept with the lions
an Marilyn Monroe
had breakfast in the eye
of a hurricane
fought Rocky Marciano
played Minnesota Fats
burned hundred dollar bills

I eaten Mulligan stew
got drunk with Louis Armstrong
what's that old song
I taught Mickey Mantle
everything he knows

and so you'll ask me
what I'm doin here
holdin up a lamp post
flipping this quarter
trying to make up my mind
and if it's heads I'll go to
Tennessee, and tails I'll buy a drink
if it lands on the edge
I'll keep talkin to you