QT Troubleshooting

  1. After downloading the QTW.ZIP file to your disk, unzip it with PKUZIP using the -d switch:

    pkunzip -d qtw111.zip

    This will make two directories called DISK1 and DISK2.

  2. XCOPY the contents of the DISK1 directory to a blank, high-density floppy disk labeled as DISK1:

    cd DISK1
    xcopy *.* a: /s /e
    label a: DISK1

    XCOPY the contents of DISK2 to a blank, high-density floppy labeled as DISK2. Copying the files to floppies is important; QuickTime for Windows SETUP will only install from floppy disk.

  3. Start Windows and run SETUP from the floppy disk labeled DISK1.

Note:I have stolen this list from Buenavista