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Subject:      Re: Map SCSI block# to file
From: (Benjamin Z. Goldsteen)
Date:         1997/08/06
Message-Id:   <5sb0re$>
Newsgroups:   comp.sys.sgi.admin
[More Headers] (Benjamin Z. Goldsteen) writes:

>I made the unfortunate decision not to thorougly test my new Elite 23 before
>migrating files over to it (I assumed bad blocks, etc were already taken
>care of).  Now it is reporting many errors -- several unrecoverable.  I
>would like to map the SCSI block # in the SYSLOG to the file so that I may
>restore just those files from backup.

Sorry, I didn't mention that this is on XFS file system.  Anyway, I found a

I took the addresses from SYSLOG and then used xfs_db (which has no man
page and isn't documented anywhere):

blockget -n
daddr block#
ncheck -i inode#

I tried to automate this:

echo << EOF | xfs_db ...
daddr 1234

But xfs_db returned no output.  This is rather unfortunate since I had about
40 or 50 addresses I needed to lookup.  I created a file that I only had to
cut and paste into a window running xfs_db, but I still would have prefered
to do this from the command-line.

Another frustruation is that xfs_check doesn't work as advertised.  It
claims to take "-b fsblock#" as an argument but it doesn't.  One can just
view the shell script and see that it doesn't.  I have patch 1768 installed.

A few more notes from this morning:

I tried to use fx/execercise to map out a bad block and it wouldn't.  It
found all sorts of errors with this block but never marked it as bad.  I had
to do it manually.  Not the worst thing, but I don't understand why it
didn't work.

Also, the messages in the SYSLOG only list the block number (which I assume
is the absolute block number).  The manual pages suggest that two numbers
should be listed for SCSI disks: one absolute to the beginning of the disk
and one relative to the partition.

By the way, is this bad:

dks1d4vol: Recovered Error: Defect list not found (asc=0x1c, asq=0x0), (cmd
byte 2) (bit 2)


I am going to do a full exercise/verify this weekend...
Benjamin Z. Goldsteen

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