POSIX scripts to download files from typical services


Here you will find some script to (almost) automatically download files from typical on-line file sharing services


How they work

There is no magic, nor anything illegal here. These scripts will connect to filesharing service in the same way you would do it using your browser.

They will find and display the "captcha", and you will decode it interactively. Then, the script will sleep according the server instrucctions, and when the waiting time is done, download starts.

So, why you wrote them?

Having scriptable downloaders has some advantages:

And it's a funny exercice.

Your code is ugly

Yes, I know

Probably won't work as is on your systems, but probably you will be able to fix it without too much effort.

Note:These sites change frequently, so, the scripts may not work if I haven't used (and upgraded) them lately...

The scripts

Auxiliar shared scripts:

(Maybe) Working:

Currently not working:


Last Modified: Sept, 2016