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This is an experimental WWW server running on a Macintosh IIvi with 20M RAM, a total of 1.3Gb in HD and System 7.5.1 with AppleScript. This is the non-oficial server of the Grupo de Informática Gráfica (Computer Graphics Group) from the CPS at the Universidad de Zaragoza (University of Zaragoza) and you can blame on SPD for the many errors, bad english and for the time you're wasting by reading this.

Note: In this server you can find pages in spanish and in english. For me, it isn't too hard to write in (a sort of) english about technical subjects; but other kind of text are much more difficult; so don't expect me to translate every page.

Note: Don't you know any 'Learn English in 7 days' link?
In the spanish version of this page you will find a little more links (pointing to pages in spanish)

* Sometingh to waste your time with

* Group's works

These are some of our earlier works. If you want to find out about our main activity (sinthetic images, 3D models, etc), you will have to go to our main server

Note: Some of the links are compressed files; you can use StuffIt Expander (126 Kb) with them

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